Slime Isekai Memories Tier List

5 min readJul 25, 2022


In the latest update to the game, the Slime Isekai Memories tier list is live! This list includes fighting characters, protection characters, and multi-target DPS. You can also get a tutorial on how to reroll. This guide is perfect for all players who are new to the game. It is updated frequently to give you the most current information, and it also contains helpful tips and tricks for improving your character’s performance.

Characters in Slime Isekai Memories tier 2022

If you are looking for some characters with low ATK but high DEF, you should look at Space Rimuru and Butler Veldora. These characters are powerful and can be highly effective, especially since they both have a Self-ATK buff. These characters are also excellent against bosses, and you can also use them to stop the Secret Skill that the boss uses to kill you.

The following list will give you ideas on what characters to try and how to find them. These lists are just general guidelines; you’ll have to experiment with them to see which ones suit you best. Whether you want to choose the best one or make some assumptions based on light novels and anime, the following tier lists will give you an idea of which slimes are the most effective.

There are two types of characters in Slime Isekai Memos: battle characters and protection characters. Battle characters boost your party’s PHY ATK while protection characters buff your whole party. For example, Veldora Tempest can increase the water ATK of all your allies. It would help if you used this technique for the best results. You can use the rewards from these characters to get some additional tips from the gacha banner.

The best battle characters in Slime Isekai Memos are all available on the game’s tier list. In addition, there’s a guide for players who want to reroll if they want to improve their characters. It’s important to remember that the game is a 3D RPG that combines elements of RPGs such as nation-building, voiced cut scenes, and command-based battle systems.

Characters in protection tier 2022

If you want to play as a protection character in Slime Isekai Memories, it’s time to read the protection tier list. In this list, you’ll find information about how characters in different tiers differ in their defensive and healing abilities. The list also includes a tutorial on rerolling your feelings if you’re feeling unsure about your character’s tier.

While damage and support characters are critical for any RPG, it’s also essential to consider the different roles of your feelings and which ones provide the most value. You can save time and effort by switching your combat characters to top-tier security characters. Characters in protection tier 2022 can also increase the overall party’s damage, which is essential if you struggle to survive.

The tier list is an excellent guide if you’re a new player to Slime Isekai Memories. This guide will also teach you how to use your resources best, so you can survive the game. The characters’ stats in the protection tier 2022 in Slime Isekai Memories are listed below.

Considering the power of the tier lists, you’ll have an easier time acquiring a good character. This ranking list is divided into protection and battle tiers. In each story, you’ll find four characters with similar abilities. Those four characters will be your primary choices when looking for the best Slime Isekai character.

Once you’ve accumulated enough materials, you’ll be ready for the next level. You can start playing as a fundamental character in the protection tier and advance to higher protection tiers as you gain experience. When you reach protection tier 2022, you’ll be able to summon powerful characters with magic crystals. Those in the protection tier 2022 will be able to do battle with their opponents without fear of losing their lives.

Characters in multi-target DPS tier 2022

In the multi-target DPS tier 2022, the Death Knight remains the principal character, with the most potent set bonuses in the game and the highest damage output. By this point in the expansion, everyone else has improved their gear to varying degrees, from Marksmanship Hunters with Armor Penetration to Fire Mages with good crit. Here are the top 5 DPS characters in the current expansion.

Death Knights have had to give up the top spot to Retribution Paladin, a cleave all-star that was previously on par with the best DPS classes. The Survival Hunter, meanwhile, sinks behind the Destruction Warlock and Elemental Shaman. The Arms Warriors and Beast Mastery Hunters are also in a low spot, and the Subtlety Rogue struggles more than any other class.

Shadow’s single target has a competitive advantage in most encounters but isn’t a clear-cut winner in this tier. The rogue had stiff competition at the start of the tier, but now Demon Hunters and Fire Mages have risen to comparable levels. In addition to this, Shadow’s rogue-like utility is also an attractive trait, and his defensive toolkit is a nice compliment to his other abilities.

Characters in multi-target nuker tier 2022

Although the game does not have a definitive tier list, you can still get some good bang by prioritizing characters from this tier list. Characters in the multi-target nuker tier are the best options if you want to use the highest-end weapons. While some characters are not worth bringing to a match, the best ones will be far more effective.

The most robust character in this tier is Octagram Milim, a multi-target nuker with high ATK and damage. Its SP cost is relatively low, and its piercing attacks are guaranteed. This unit also has huge team-wide buffs that can be used with other units to get an edge over the opponents. However, it is essential to note that while this character is decisive in this tier, it is not recommended for single-target playstyles.

There are several other characters in the Multi-Target Nuker tier, which will increase the number of characters in the multi-target nuker tier. These characters have unique skills and traits. In addition, players can also find new versions of Shizue and Soka during the game’s Valentine’s Day gacha. Moreover, some featured characters will be given away for free during the promotion period.

The Shizu is also a multi-target nuker that requires buffs from allies. The main difference between Shizu and Hakurou is their Soul change. Shizu has 2 Souls of Divine Protection, but the other has Soul of Secrets. If you play Shizu in a multi-target nuker role, you should try to combine them with a non

Octagram Leon.

The multi-target nuker tier of Slimer Isekai Memories features a variety of characters, including the SSSS. Building a large empire and having many Nuker characters on your team is possible. Moreover, you can create a nation by acquiring new characters with the help of magic crystals. You can also upgrade the defense of each unit in the game using these characters.