Injustice 2 Tier List: What Makes a Character Worth An S-Tier, B-Tier, Or C-Tier?

7 min readJul 25, 2022


If you are new to the Injustice 2 world, you are likely wondering what makes a character worthy of an S-Tier, B-Tier, or C-Tier. The Injustice 2 Tier List is a guide for all of these questions and more! HDGamers is your one-stop shop for everything gaming! This article will break down each character’s abilities and ranking in the game.

Characters in Injustice 2 Tier List

The Injustice 2 Tier List characters are not in any particular order. The ranking system is subjective, based on players’ preferences and technical stats. The list will be updated as new characters are released. In addition, this list will show the top 5 characters by base stats, which are essential because feelings can only increase these stats by leveling up. Also, a character’s base stats are locked during competitive play, so using the wrong character could lead to disaster.

The characters in the average tier are not evil, but they are also not the strongest. They have relatively few weaknesses and can still hold their own against some opponents. These characters are considered “average” in terms of power but will quickly be swarmed by more powerful players. While these characters are good in the early game, they are useless once the game gets more challenging. So, if you’re looking for a great main fighter, look no further than the S-tier characters.

The tier list of the game will help you pick the exemplary character for your strategy. Listed by tier, the top characters of the game are the ones you should focus on in the competitive game. The list is updated often to reflect new DLC characters, balance patches, and tournament results. To help you pick the best character, read through the Injustice 2 tier list first. Then, start playing and enjoy the new game!

Characters in S-Tier

The S-Tier is the highest rank of characters in Injustice 2. It contains the most potent fighters from the DC Universe. With these characters, you can easily dominate your opponents in any match. But to become a top fighter, you must first learn to use these powerful characters. Listed below are the top S-Tier fighters: Black Adam, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, and Doctor Fate. These characters are the best-in-class fighters in Injustice 2. They can also give you an edge over other players in competitive tournaments.

The S-Tier heroes are not weaker than their A-Tier counterparts, but they are slightly overpowered and require more skill to master. Still, you can compete in online games and tournaments with them. Just be prepared to sacrifice some of your power for their higher levels of play. Just be sure to use them properly and make your opponent feel uncomfortable. It would be best if you also tried to avoid wasting time by playing with a poor-quality character.

If you want to fight as a top-tier character in Injustice 2, consider playing with Red Hood. Though his high skill cap may limit his potential for success, he is easily among the best-playing characters in the game. He can use land mines to zone an opponent and follow up with a knife attack or diving attack. Furthermore, his throwing star ability acts as a Batarang, granting him an extra wall of defense and a high-damage attack.

Characters in B-Tier

In every Injustice 2 character, you’ll see a character that falls in the B-Tier. While most of these characters lack versatility, a few stand out among the B-Tier characters that are worth mentioning. Supergirl, for instance, can be considered an A-tier character, despite having a relatively low damage output. She has teleporting punches, eye lasers, and other valuable skills. While her damage output is one of the weakest in the game, her skill attack chaining abilities make up for that.

The B-Tier characters are average performers. While they can easily defeat feelings in lower tiers, they will struggle to win against the S-Tier characters. The character’s range may be limited, but it can still pack a punch if used correctly. Characters in this tier can be fragile, but they can do enough damage to keep up in competitive matches.

The S-Tier includes several notable characters. For instance, Catwoman, the only S-Tier character who is not a zoner, has weak range options. However, she excels at diving and staying on target. These traits are vital in choosing a fighter from this B-Tier. However, it’s important to note that each character has a specific play style and may be more or less suitable for your type of play.

Characters in C-Tier

Characters in the C-Tier of Injustice 2 are not the weakest in the game, but they still have a few weaknesses that make them less viable. Characters in this tier are usually average in terms of viability. However, they are still worth checking out, as their unique abilities and weaknesses make them useful against specific in-game opponents. This tier includes characters like Superman, who can do a bit of everything and has an easy move set.

The Cheetah is another character in the C-Tier who is a good choice for melee play. His claw strikes do substantial damage, and he has a high skill cap. However, he needs to be adequately positioned to maximize his damage output. So, he’s best used in close-range fights. In addition to being an excellent close-range fighter, Cheetah also has a high skill cap, and he requires a specific position to maximize his abilities.

The Injustice 2 character tiers list is highly subjective and can depend on your preferences. It is essential to understand each character’s abilities and move sets to make the best choice in each game. Knowing which characters are at the highest level allows you to choose the next character that will best complement your playstyle. In addition to saving time when selecting a character, using the Injustice 2 character tier list as a reference can help you make the right choice.

Characters in D-Tier

Injustice 2 features several characters that are categorized in the D-Tier. While these characters are generally solid choices for main fighters, they suffer from significant weaknesses and will likely be overpowered by higher-tier feelings. The community makes this list, so it will change over time as players adjust their strategies and NetherRealm adjusts the game balance. Listed below are some of the most underrated characters in the game.

Supergirl is a character in the B-tier. This character is relatively limited in terms of versatility, but she does have some valuable skills. For example, her teleporting punch makes her very useful when spamming attacks. In addition to her attacks, she can chain together her skill attacks and deal much damage. While her damage output is low, she can also spam a character power plant minion with a quick strike that can sell 600–800 damage.

Injustice 2 features a massive roster of characters. The game’s combat system has been improved over its predecessor. It also offers a storyline campaign mode. With such an extensive roster, players may find it challenging to choose the best character to start with. The tier list helps them choose the best feeling to play in a match. While C-Tier characters are surprisingly strong, they are fragile compared to their higher-tier counterparts.

Characters in E-Tier

If you’re looking to learn more about characters in Injustice 2, here’s a look at the tier list for this game. The list has all of the characters from A-Tier to E-Tier, from the lowest character to the highest character. You can check out each character’s base stats, abilities, and moves to better understand how good they are.

The S Tier is the best way to play the game. The S Tier lists are the best characters because they have the most vital traits and can often come out on top without breaking a sweat. The A-Tier list is less potent than the S-Tier list, but they can still be incredibly effective. If you’re a new player, consider picking one of these characters. But be careful not to like the weakest character.

Characters in the E-Tier of InJustice 2 are not as good as the A-Tier characters. Although they are still strong, they’re not as good as the highest-tier characters, so they’re not the best choice for newcomers. However, they can still be powerful if played well. If you play them well, you can still take out characters in E-Tier, but they’re not as good as the higher tiers.