How to Get Winter Tokens in New World?

6 min readJul 25, 2022


The first thing to do to earn more Winter Tokens in New World is to search for Lost Presents. You can find Lost Presents along the roads of Aeternum, which you can then turn in at a Holiday Hut in any Winter Village. You will be awarded a Winter Token for every Lost Present you collect. Besides that, if you find a Gleamlight meteor, you will also get a Winter Convergence Festival event item.

Winter Convergence Festival

During the Winter Convergence Festival, players can access exclusive Winter Tokens. These tokens are used to purchase limited-time event items. They can also be used to upgrade Tree of Lights in selected towns. Using Winter Tokens to unlock these items is easy. Just make sure you have the right gear! After you’ve collected enough tokens, you can now buy exclusive items!

The Winter Convergence Festival is a limited-time event in the New World that allows players to gather unique tokens and exchange them for exclusive items. The Winter Convergence Festival takes place from December 16 to January 11 of the following year. Players can participate in several events that will grant them access to these exclusive items. While the Winter Convergence Festival will continue to be a fun event for everyone, it is essential to collect enough Winter Tokens to benefit from it entirely.

During the Winter Convergence Festival, players can collect Recovered Presents to spend on particular items in the Winter Convergence Shop. You can find Recovered Presents throughout the map, both on the ground and in the sky. There are other ways to get Winter Tokens, though the easiest way to obtain them is by completing quests with a Yeti, collecting Gleamite, and doing event-related activities.

One way to get Winter Tokens in New World is to collect diamond gypsum from Trees of Light. You can interact with these magical items in the central plaza of each settlement. You can also loot Exquisite Gift Piles to collect gifts. Once you reach Level 60, you will receive Diamond Gypsum, which you can use to upgrade items. Another way to earn Winter Tokens is to complete Project Boards.

A few days ago, the Winter Convergence Event was released, allowing players to earn Winter Tokens. These tokens can be spent on festive fitting gear and furniture. Winter Tokens can be purchased from a Winter Wanderer in any Winter Village, as well as premium ones. The quality of the equipment you can buy is based on your reputation, which can be obtained through questline objectives or town board missions.

Greenlight meteors

As you play the game, you’ll find a series of quests that require you to collect Gleamlight meteors that fall from the night sky. The meteors can be transferred to your character’s inventory to craft new items or construct ruins. Alternatively, you can convert your collected meteors into Winter Village Holiday Huts, which grant additional Winter Tokens and add seven new quests. These quests are available at levels 15 to 60.

The first way to find Gleamite Chunks is to follow a meteor shower’s trajectory. The Gleamite Chunks are large, purple-tinged meteors that fall at random times and places. These meteors are not visible from ground level, but they can be seen as bright streaks of light with purple lines. You’ll notice they’re large, colorful, and emit a powerful purple glow while falling to the Earth.

To harvest Gleamlight meteors, you’ll need to collect many of them. You can also gather them from the sky, but they only appear at specific times. Once you’ve accumulated enough of them, you’ll be rewarded with a quest to gather more of them. This quest will be given to you by the Winter Wanderer. Once you’ve collected enough Gleamlight meteors, you can sell them for Gleamite Crystals, which are a great resource in the game.

Another way to gather Gleamlight meteors is to look at the sky after sunset. It’s important to remember that the meteors scatter randomly, but you can still mine them for Gleamite Chunks. They help craft items and sell them for Winter Tokens, used to purchase time-limited items from the Winter Wanderer. There’s a catch, though, as they scatter crystals in nearby regions.

Holiday food

The new game feature of the holiday season is the winter token. This is the equivalent of Santa in Aeternum. These tokens can purchase weapons, cosmetic items, and emotes. Gathering them will double the number of gleaming crystals that you can get. Here are some ways to get them. First, upgrade your Tree of Light in your settlement. This tree represents light, winter, and Christmas.

Another way to get the winter tokens for holiday food is to gather Lost Presents. These presents can be found across the world and can be exchanged at Holiday Huts for Winter Tokens. Each gift will provide you with three tokens. Occasionally, the Lost Presents will spawn flying through the air, which is when you need to use a ranged weapon. Otherwise, you can pick them up and turn them in.
Working methods to get more Winter Tokens

You can earn Winter Tokens by doing various activities in the New World. You can also collect Recovered Presents scattered around the map. If you find one, you’ll get a reward of 10 Tokens. You can also shoot down flying Presents with ranged weapons to collect Gleamite. Meteors that fall to Earth will also reward you with Tokens.

You can also grind Winter Tokens by collecting Lost Presents. These are rainbow-colored crystals that spawn randomly on the map. After you collect three of them, trade them in the Holiday Huts to earn more Winter Tokens. Remember to bring your pickaxe to the job so you can quickly gather as many as possible. If you find a lot, you can sell them to a huahua for the same amount of Winter Tokens as the

Recovered Presents.

The Winter Wanderer has opened a new shop in four-game regions. It can be found in Brightwood, Monarch’s Bluffs, and Weaver’s Fen. The Convergence Shop has event items for sale, but you can only purchase them when you meet certain reputation thresholds. Reputation thresholds unlock the inventory of a Convergence Shop. This method is similar to Faction’s reputation in New World.

Farming reputation will earn you Winter Tokens, but they will only get you the importance you need for the game’s ranks. They will not make your items from classes or Winter Convergence cosmetics. You can also farm Christmas presents and get Diamond Gypsum. If you’re desperate to get Winter Tokens, try planting a Bountiful Gift Sack. It’s a simple method, but you’ll end up with far more Winter Tokens than you ever thought possible.

If you’re looking for working methods to get more Winter Tokens in the New World, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re not content with your current supply, you can always farm more winter tokens and sell them for more. You can also use the Winter Tokens during the winter season to purchase in-game items. These are time-limited, so you must act quickly if you want to make more money from them.