8 Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones in 2022

14 min readJul 24, 2022

If you are looking for the best gaming headset to pair with your gaming monitor then you must have broken the web for finding the best one for you. You must be accustomed to the fact that many potential gaming headsets are very well-acknowledged by the customers and critiques, but they do demand breaking the bank for getting hands on them Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones.

Therefore, to help you sort out the ambiguities and get your hands on the affordable yet cost-effective gaming headsets, we have come up with this review of gaming headphones under $200. Here you can have a view of the top 8 gaming headsets and get the best bang for your bucks.

Are you in a rush? Don’t worry, we have held you back. We have come up with our top pick to save your time and efforts. Razer Kraken Ultimate is the right contender for this spot as this headset is offering many premium features to make it a perfect choice for users. This headset is coming with RGB lights, active noise cancellation. Spatial surround sound and a lot more for its potential buyers. if you want earbuds without mic are also available.

Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones Under $200

If you have made up your mind to spend some time and effort digging deep into the product description, then you must go through our entire article in detail, and find out which is the best gaming headphone for you.

Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones Under $200 Reviews

So what are the Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones under 200. Let’s find out….

Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones At a Glance:

  1. SteelSeriesArctis 9X
  2. Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum
  3. Turtle Beach Stealth 600
  4. Corsair Virtuoso SE
  5. EPOS I Sennheiser
  6. Cooler Master MH-751
  7. HyperX Cloud MIX

SteelSeriesArctis 9X

Best Gaming Headphones


✓Lag-free wireless audio

✓40 feet wide connection range

✓98 decibel sound sensitivity

✓Air weave earbuds

✓DTS Headphone



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Steel series is a popular manufacturing firm that is widely acknowledged for producing immersive gaming accessories and devices. One popular spin-off of this brand is their arctic lineup and this is very cost-effective due to the high-end features coming at reasonable price tags. This prestigious gaming headphone is coming with enough features to make a solid ground for its presence In the market.


This is one of the best gaming headsets available in the market and is literally, the best under 200 USD range. This is because it is offering a velcro adjustable headset that is not only very durable and compact but is also very comfortable to wear and will be able to last for quite a good number of coming years.

This headset is coming with the wireless audio mode which is lag-free and has a 2.4 GHz sound frequency making it to be very high quality and therefore, it will be a feast for the ears owing to its pleasant sound coming out of the earcups. The sound level of the headset is about 98 decibels and is thus, pretty much enough to let you experience the loudspeaker’s effect.

Speaking of the so much sound intensity might worry you about the eardrums and their sensitivity, but there is obviously, no need to worry about that since you can use the volume adjustment and other controls to make the sound lower or higher according to your need.


This quality headset is having wide acknowledgment across many countries and this is hard-earned due to its high-end performance and greater practicality. Therefore, it is an all in all worthy product which has got many interesting features to exchange for your bucks

RazarKrakarn is the most notable of our selected products and this is coming with a very reasonable yet surprising package that has got many amazing specs to make a good use at the battlefield, this specialty earns this headphone the title of our top pick and this is not just about the hype and popularity of this product in the market because it is a well-deserving option and has got too many surprises for its potential buyers.


This best in class gaming headset is coming with a real-time tracking feature which is used by retailers to access the performance and feedback for enhancement. Furthermore, you can make use of the built-in GPS and WIFI to directly play the music in your ears without any external connection mediated through the wires or ports.

Wireless connection in a gaming headset is although not a groundbreaking or innovative feature as many products are already using it but making use of it along with the right set of features and specs is a great thing worthy of boasting off.

This gaming headset will be coming with ultimate personalization which means the device can be fully tuned to par it with the most popular and latest gaming devices as well as the conventional ones that have still survived to exists after years of struggle. This speaker set has also something else for you, that is its active noise cancellation technology for quiet users.


This headphone is coming with an amazing lineup of features that will make up its position for a strong competitor with high-end products that will demand hundreds of dollars to invest in their purchase.

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum

Best Gaming Headphones


✓1 Dolby Audio

✓DTS gaming set

✓Advanced compatibility

✓Plug n play

✓Surround sound technology



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If you are on a hunt for wireless gaming devices that are coming with wide spectrum gaming features to boost your gaming morale and help improve your performance then you cannot forget the Logitech firm. This brand has launched many popular models that are considered as entry-level inexpensive products, but that is not the only achievement worthy of mentioning because Logitech has had enough fame to be known by all seasoned gamers.


This manufacturing lineup is always coming up with the most budget-friendly gaming headphones that are not less than high-end devices but are demanding reasonable prices for their products. This is obviously, not of generosity but the market strategy and stocks value which is making good use for the customers, who can enjoy the healthy competition along with having quality products from both ends.

This is what perfectly justifies having the best of both worlds. This headphone set is offering surround sound technology that will yield immersive audio to deliver you the best in class quality sound that will let you forget the world around you and get immersed in the virtual world of your game.

Furthermore, you would also be able to use the plug n play feature to make it directly connected to the gaming device and start playing your game. Wireless connectivity is a very good thing to boost any product’s performance because it is good to have t remotely controlled, instead of being hindered by the wires.


This gaming headphone is not short of any necessary feature, as you can see in the product description, therefore, it would be a great option to invest money and have your gaming reach high levels.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600

Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones


✓Flip to mute mic

✓Large diameter

✓Extended battery life

✓Enhanced audio

✓Plush construction


✗The microphone cannot be removed

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If you are a gaming geek and have the habit of collecting gaming accessories then you are probably well informed of the turtle beach products. This is a popular firm which is entitled to the job of producing gaming products and accessories for fulfilling consumer demand and support the customers. This lineup is responsible for making gaming headsets that are nothing short of the best product.


This most notable feature to begin its review is with flip and mute feature because it is a life-saving feature that is the need of the hour and will be helping all the users greatly whether they need that or not. Flip and the feature is a well thought out addition and is, therefore, very likely to impress the real users who are long looking for the described change as the real-time need.

This product also has a large diameter which will cover a large area and will let you hear more ear, increasing the accuracy and performance of the headphone is what an assistant is supposed to do. This gaming headset is coming with a long battery life of 15 plus an hour and this is a good number, to begin with.

This is probably because 20 pus hours is the standard battery life within this price tag and our product is already keeping it low, therefore there is no need to turn over the situation and go for high-end products, particularly when you don’t like them. The only downside of this product is that its microphone could be a little troublemaker sometimes, but that’s not a big deal to worry about, as long as the performance is good.


This plush designed gaming headset is a very quality product and will be able to hold still in the market that is all thanks to the solid reserve and revenue which is indirectly the user’s trust in the product.

Corsair Virtuoso SE

Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones


✓High broadcast quality sound

✓Memory foam for comfort

✓Long-lasting battery

✓Compatible with many advanced devices


✗Heavy to wear

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Corsair is the pioneer brand that is the most respected firm and is currently enjoying a pristine position in the market due to their high growing premium products along with the affordable yet efficient gaming headsets that have taken control over the market in such a short period. although thy are some of the strategies involved in lies, a won’t also believe that you cant lie.


This one headphone is specifically designed for broadcasting events where the sound and video quality are the two most concerning aspects and therefore, nothing can be wrong because of using the high-end performance of these headphones.

This product is equipped with all the necessary features and it will be great to have it beside you but there is a certain aspect that needs to get users’ attention the most and this is the bulky construction of this product.

This will not make the overall, performance uncomfortable because the foam is soft and cozy enough to give you a relaxing time but after wearing it for a long time, users can be tired or they may have neck aches which is the most common health issue of using the headphones and monitor screen for too long.


This cost-effective product is a worthy choice for all those users who are searching the headphone compatible with a range of devices making it sound like a universal product good enough to be used along with any gaming device or any other computer or monitor.

EPOS I Sennheiser

Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones


✓Open acoustics

✓Active noise cancellation

✓Velvet ear pads

✓Flip to mute


✗The microphone can be a bit lousy

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This headphone is another very promising product that will be offering you all of its dedicated features and specs for having an immersive and acoustic sound along with an exquisite outlook. This headset is one of the trendy products that are greatly admired for the efficiency and their performance but are equally regarded for the visual appeal that these products are offering.


The best thing about this product is its cost-effective price tag which is a bit inexpensive compared to the competition in the market at a similar price tag. therefore, this headset would prove to be a great initiative for all those who are on a hunt for budget gaming headphones.

For enhancing the comfort of the users, this product is coming with soft and cozy earcups which are using velvet ear pads for reducing the soreness and the harsh impact that the earbuds will make on the skin.

These velvet ear pads are nothing less than the memory microphone foam and will be great to have in a microphone coming at a much lower price than the rivals. The only problem that this headset can encounter commonly is its lousy microphone which will prove to be a burden than aid and therefore users have to find a suitable solution for that.


This headset is a very well cherished product that is currently in use by many entry-level gamers and can also be used as the all-rounder product capable of hooking up with a smartphone or any other smart device for having an immersive and acoustic sound.

Cooler Master MH-751

Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones


✓Plush construction for comfort

✓Swivel earcups

✓Advanced neodymium drivers

✓Omnidirectional boom


✗Wired connection only

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If you are fed up with the wireless products drainage your battery life and want to have some convenient alternatives then the most plausible solution is to go back with the wired device. Wireless products are undeniably the best in their performance and efficiency but the downside of these products is that they will take up the energy of the devices and will easily drain them out of battery.


As a solution to the wireless connectivity, this headset is offering wired and Bluetooth connection that is not the most preferred ones but will surely be desired by many of the gaming enthusiasts, wired headsets can be a troublemaker for many ordinary users who want it for cinematic purposes.

But when we are talking specifically for the gaming enthusiast it wouldn’t be big trouble as gaming devices can also support a headphone jack and you don’t have to worry about the battery drainage or running out of your runtime,

Furthermore, this headset has a plush construction along with the swivel design which will make it perfectly ft the earcups and have a comfortable ride all through the day. This headset is also supporting all the advanced drivers and will be easily operated without any special technical assistance.


This headset is a very worthy product that is nothing less than a great headset coming at a cheap price tag.

HyperX Cloud MIX

Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones


✓Detachable microphone

✓Hi-Res Audio

✓Wireless technology

✓Less noise distortion

✓Built-in microphone


✗No USB connection

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As we have gone through the review, it would be noted that most of the headphones are having problems with the microphone, in some products it is lousy while in others it is irreplaceable or not efficient enough to be considered best. But if you are looking for the best headset along with the best microphone then this headphone deserves your attention.


This headset is offering you a detachable microphone that is very compact and sturdy and is equally as effective as the headset itself. But if you feel like there is no need for the microphone you can very easily remove it from the base and use the headset without it.

This is because the headphones are coming with built-in microphones and there would be no need to have them additionally attached particularly if there is no need to have them on board.

In addition to this, the headphones are offering Hi-Res sound which is the base for immersive sound quality and will be complemented by the chrome RGB lights to make a full cinematic experience or giving you glimpses of professional gaming competitions in the internet café or gaming bar.


This highly reliable and durable product is a worthy choice as a budget headphone and will be highly desired by the users and customers.

Buying Guide

There are countless gaming headsets available in the market and it is hard to tell the difference between the real ones and the imitated ones. Therefore, one must be having enough awareness about the features and specifications of the product to sort it out against the forged goods.

To help you overcome that o, we are coming with our comprehensive buyer’s guide and here you can go through the must-have features ina gaming headphone for easy identification of the useful product.

Sound quality

Sound quality is the most basic thing to ensure before buying the headset because it will be no use to buy a fancy headset that has poor sound quality. Because all a poor quality speaker can give you is noise, therefore, try out the sound and make sure it is pleasing to the ear without any distortion or system noise.

Noise reduction

Noise reduction is an important consideration before buying the gaming headphone because this feature coming as the active noise cancellation technology will make sure that you can have excellent audio. Because ambient noise will be cut off through the mics and you can only hear the sound playing through your earbuds. This is a great feature to listen quietly to loud and noisy places.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need gaming headphones?

Gaming heads are more than a luxury for a gaming enthusiast because these headphones will help in time performance and virtual games. Putting it in simple words, gaming headphones are nowadays a kind of necessity for a hardcore gamer.

How much should I spend on gaming headphones?

Well, the straightforward answer to this question depends upon the budget you have got or the features you are looking for. If you have enough fortune for you then you must go for a high-end product but if you are financially restricted then you can have quality headphones within the $100 to $150 range.

Are gaming headsets bad for your ears?

Gaming headsets are quite good for the ears because they will come up with many features to make the overall experience comfortable and enjoyable. These headsets are having a perfect fit and will be not heavy for ears to wear for long.

What are the best headphones for gaming?

There are many gaming headsets and the best ones are those coming with high sound quality and comfortable wearing. Comfortable headsets will ensure that you can keep them on for a long time while the good sound is a mandatory thing for which you are going to pay.

Are headphones better for gaming?

Headphones are the basic requirement for playing video games and VR games because these demands require you to experience the real-time scenario and for that purpose, sound is a must. Furthermore, the sound will be an essential tool for team communication.


After going through this article, you are now in a good position to determine the right product for your needs and customize it according to your preferences, the headphones included in our selection are all very best in their job and will provide you a high-end performance, no matter whichever you choose.

We have also provided you with the buyer guide to help you know about the necessary features for sorting out the ideal product from the non-worthy ones. Furthermore, you can also go through the frequently asked questions to resolve your queries, if any.

Noise Cancelling Gaming Headphones Under $100