8 Best Wireless Headphones Under $200

13 min readJul 25, 2022


Headphones have been modernized in the last decade. First, we had headphones that need wires connected to the device to work. But now wireless headphones have completely changed the game. They are available in various sizes with certain features that don’t need wires to connect anymore.

Through the transmitter, we can connect the Headphones with our device and listen to songs, watch movies, answer calls, and do many more things. They just make our life more comfortable because of the amazing features they offer. We love to listen to music and watch movies with no interruptions and distractions and the headphones perfectly do this by activating the noise cancellation technology.

When we consider buying wireless headphones, it’s quite a hard task to choose the one which provides all the amazing features we need, and also we can’t afford to forget the durability which guarantees that our purchase will be worth our money. So, for you, we are here with our article to ensure that at the end of this article you’ll have all the information related to the features, quality, and durability of our 8 best rechargeable headphones, which we have included in our list after researching well and make sure that these headphones are best among others available in the market. Our today’s first pick is Avantree HT4189 40 Hours Wireless Headphones they perfectly combine features and a long-life battery with great compatibility.

8 Best Wireless Headphones Under $200 At a Glance:

  1. Joy Matte Finish Premium
  2. Sennheiser RS120
  3. ARTISTE Wireless TV
  4. Avantree HT4189
  5. Sharper Image OWN ZONE
  6. Jelly Combo Over-Ear
  7. HSPRO Wireless TV
  8. 2.4g RF Wireless

Best Wireless Headphones Under $200 You Can Buy Today

Best Wireless Headphones Under $200

Joy Matte Finish Premium

Premium Design Headphone

✓Flexible earmuffs

✓SD card plug-in

✓6 months replacement warranty

✗Don’t have a great frequency range

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The name of the product includes the word premium, and that would be the word we used to describe these headphones. Whether we look at the features, design, or sturdiness, Joy Matte’s headphones ensure to meet all our specific standards.


First, let’s talk about the design. Premium headphones come in various stylish and cool colors like blue, pink, lime, and violet. The headphones have super comfy earmuffs, you will feel no itching or irritation even if you are wearing them for a long time. They design ear cups in such a way that will fit perfectly around the ears that offer to listen to music or watch movies and play video games with no disturbance.


The quality of the sound they offer is quite impressive. The crystal intelligible sound and the accurate bass response won’t even make you feel a bit of regret after buying these wireless headphones. As the noise cancellation technology ensures to offer you a piece of amazing music and movie experience. And the best part, you can answer calls without touching your smartphone, through the built-in mic.

Why is it on our list? The headphones have all we need. 8 hours of battery life could be a lifesaver for video gamers as they will enjoy their gaming experience with no beep warning of low battery. They give 5-button control for the users to easily handle the headphones. Don’t you feel like buying these headphones after knowing about their outstanding features?

Best Wireless Headphones Under $200

Sennheiser RS120

Best Lightweight Headphones

✓20 hours of battery life

✓2 years of international warranty

✓Three functioning modes

✗Connects with tv, computer, and big sound system

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Sennheiser on-ear wireless headphones come with a charging cradle that makes charging super easy. The lightweight headphones provide a cozy feeling and don’t let you feel you are carrying something heavy on your ears.


A stylish round shape combined with classy black color makes a good impression on the mind and promises durability. The comfortable pads are ideal for long meetings or if you want to watch tv, play video games for long hours. And, the control system on headphones makes it simple to control the volume according to your needs.


Sennheiser fulfills the promise of an exceptional and clear sound system. Open-Aire design provides premium quality sound with great bass response. Want to have a quiet environment while doing things? You can choose an interference-free channel available on these amazing headphones to create the feeling of a quiet environment. And because of this feature,

Why is it on our list? If you have a big screen LED installed in your living room, then we will recommend you to buy these headphones. Wanna watch a movie, listen to music, or play video games. These on-ear headphones will bring a whole new level to your fun time. The 2-year warranty policy is also here to give you a peaceful opportunity to use these headphones with no worry. Also, a transmitter base is there to make charging a piece of cake.

Best Wireless Headphones Under $200


Best Wireless TV Headphones

✓Sealed ear-pads

✓8 hours of battery life

✓Lower distortion

✗Takes a lot of time to charge

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Next, we have ARTISTE Wireless TV Headphones on our list. Stylish compact design and outstanding features made us fall in love with them. Transmitters come with a product that holds multiple purposes.


The black headphones with a grey outline look super modern. Comfortable pads on headbands are here to keep your head safe from the irritating feeling of tightness and hardness. Once you wear them, you can spend all day doing fun with these over-ear headphones because of their comfortable ear-pads which are specially designed for your comfort. Sealed ear pads don’t leak the sound, which means you will listen to music or play games without disturbing others.


Through great frequency range and a deep clear sound system, you will enjoy your music without being worried about the distance between your headphones and device. Don’t get the perception that you can use these headphones only with big devices. With their great compatibility, you can use them with tablets, laptops, iPads, and the most important one, your smartphone.

Why is it on our list? 8 hours of battery, great frequency range, deep bass sound, and great compatibility all these things bring an amazing fun time experience for you and you will enjoy your fun time without disturbing others. Don’t we just love spending our time playing video games while everyone in the house is sleeping? These headphones have a perfect solution for this game addiction.

Best Wireless Headphones Under $200

Avantree HT4189

40 Hours Battery Timing Wireless Headphones

✓No Audio Delay

✓Long battery

✓Great sound quality


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Avantree’s headphones are here to give you an entire package of various superb features and durable designs. With a frequency range of up to 100ft, it promises an uninterrupted fun time and gives us a reason to think about buying this product.


Slim design with pleasant feeling ear-pads stands out and brings the fashioned look. You will love these headphones by just taking a glance at the design. They give adjustable headbands that can be adjusted according to various head sizes. The wireless headphones with a skin-friendly design are ideal for long game sessions.


Avantree offers an exceptional quality of sound with a great bass response. The quality of sound won’t be affected if the device is within the 100ft range. That makes these headphones worth buying, and that’s why it is our top pick. Have we told you about its outstanding feature of a 40 hours battery? 40 hours of fun time can be possible with these astonishing headphones with just one charge.

Why is it our top pick? Do we have to still tell you the other reasons besides the great battery life, amazing quality sound, and a great frequency range? They are pre-compatible with 99% of TVs available in the market. We consider them extraordinary tv headphones. Well, if you want to find great headphones for video gaming or watching movies on the big screen. Then go now to the web store and buy the Avantree Wireless Headphones.


Best Wireless Headphones Under $200

Sharper Image OWN ZONE

Sharper Image Wireless Headphones

✓10 hours of battery

✓Cancels noise

✓Great compatibility with small devices

✗Difficulty in connecting with tv

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The own zone in the product’s name shows the message that you can create your own zone with the help of Sharper Image Wireless Headphones. They give you the best experience of listening with no external disturbance and without disturbing others.


Black-colored headphones come with various cables which help in connecting to the tv and big screens. Where soft ear pads are placed on the headphones to give you a relaxing time, so you can enjoy your fun sessions comfortably. Also, through these headphones, you will connect with your laptops, smartphones, MP3 player, and your tv.


The clear and natural sound of these Own Zone headphones will make you not leave any exercise session. You can enjoy music while doing exercises, your home chores, or cooking, without being worried about the connectivity problem as it transmits sound perfectly within the 100ft range. Adjustable headbands are also here to help you in customizing the headphones.

Why is it on our list? The idea of a company to help the consumers in creating their own comfort zone to enjoy personal fun time is impressive. The features these headphones provide with great durability are enough for some people to like these headphones. Can’t forget the elegant black color and modern design the headphones have. We are sure that with these headphones you will enjoy yourself care time that will fresh your mind.

Best Wireless Headphones Under $200

Jelly Combo Over-Ear

Jelly Combo Wireless Headphones

✓Excellent value of money

✓Offers cinematic experience

✓Best customer services

✗Uncertain instructions for users

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Are you getting bored with black headphones? Then Jelly Combo Wireless Headphones are the ones you are looking for. The beautiful pink and white color headphones have our hearts. That color shines through the headphones and creates a wish to own these stylish headphones.


These headphones are designed specifically for your long gaming and tv sessions. Soft and warm ear pads won’t cause any reaction or itching on your skin. By just looking at the compact shining design, you will estimate the high quality and sturdiness of these headphones. The ability to be compatible is also superb, you can connect these headphones with your smartphone, PC, tv, and tablets.


2.4 wireless technology offers an amazingly extensive range of 30m, which means you can watch your favorite tv shows while cooking in the kitchen. Hi-Fi stereo sound will change the common time of watching tv into a cinematic experience. With one charge you will get 10 hours of battery life. That means you can play unlimited video games, watch movies and listen to music for an entire 10 hours.

Why is it on our list? These wireless over-ear headphones are one of our favorites. Whatever you can wish to have in your headphones, the Jelly Combos headphones provide all. From the long-life battery to the Hi-Fi stereo sound you will explore and enjoy all features with this one. After buying these, whenever you enjoy your personal fun time, you will surely thank us.

Best Wireless Headphones Under $200

HSPRO Wireless TV

Wireless TV Headphones

✓Prime sound quality

✓Easy charging with dock transmitter

✓Amazing volume control

✗Inferior quality of noise cancellation

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The HSPRO Wireless TV Headphones are available with the charging dock transmitter which makes charging trouble-free. Black-colored headphones give an elegant look and somehow promise a high quality and long-running. That’s not all, we are going to tell you more about their prominent features.


Want to enjoy your favorite web series or tv shows on big screens and that too without making your head and ears tired? Go for these headphones then, the ultra-soft ear pads are here to save your ears even if you spend the entire day playing games and watching tv with them. The durable bracket and its adjustability stand out from the expectations of consumers.


The Wireless Tv Headphones have 40mm dual dynamics which delivers natural powerful sound within an extended range. Stereo sound will act as an alternative to the speaker system and you can enjoy the quality sound with full force. In exchange for 6 hours of charging, the wireless tv headphones will give you 10 hours of undisturbed time of gaming, and watching tv with no warning beeps.

Why is it on our list? The best feature according to us is the dock charging transmitter which comes with the headphones. It makes the charging trouble-free, you just need to place the headphones on the dock and that’s it. The headphones will start recharging and in 6 hours they will get fully charged for the next 10 hours. We like these headphones and would love to advise these.

Best Wireless Headphones Under $200

2.4g RF Wireless

Wireless Rechargeable Headphones

✓Easy charging with transmitter

✓Auto connectivity

✓Extended battery life


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The elegant and modern-looking Wireless Rechargeable Headphones proudly stand in our list of best products. The matte black color with a durable design makes these headphones ideal for senior people.


They design the wireless headphones focusing on the needs of old people so the focus on comfort is extraordinary. Soft ear-pads with comfy and adjustable headphones will be there with your loved ones to take care of them and make their time of watching tv series more entertaining.


These astonishing headphones offer crystal coherent sound with zero disturbance. The long frequency range solves all the problems of connectivity and offers smooth sound quality. The battery life of 12 hours makes things more excited and gives 12 hours of long entertainment.

Why is it on our list? If you are looking for some kind of gift for your grandmother or grandfather, then these rechargeable headphones are the best gift you can give them. It is a great opportunity to prove your love for them and make their life more enjoyable with these headphones. The stereo sound quality with 12 hours of battery life and easy charging feature is ideal for older people and the best part is they don’t need to take extra care of them.

Buying Guide:

Now we have done with our list of 8 Best Wireless Headphones Under $200. We would like you to look into this buying guide we’ve made for you. It will help you look out for some specific features and functions in wireless headphones, which are must-haves for an enormous and cinematic experience.

After the detailed discussion of features, pros and cons you surely would know which specific headphones you wish to buy. After going through our buying guide we are sure you will have an obvious idea and you will decide in a minute to shop for the best one. Let’s get into our buying guide.

Comfortable Design

The main and first thing you need to observe in headphones is how much comfort do they offer? Ear pads must be comfortable and skin-friendly. So you can play sports games and watch tv with all the pleasant warmth headphones offer.

Sound Quality

Without excellent sound quality, the comfortable headphones will be no longer of use. Look at the sound features of the wireless headphones before you decide to buy them. Frequency range, sound quality, and volume control are some specifications of the product it must satisfy you with.

Battery Life

You surely don’t want any warning beeps again and again while you are playing your favorite video games, those little warning beeps can ruin the entire game. So be sure to extra focus on how long the battery will last. Nowadays headphones with up to 40 hours of battery are available in the market just like our Avantree’s wireless headphones.


At the end of the article, we thank you for being with us through the entire article, we hope that you have gotten some helpful information. Through our helpful detailed reviews of the features of each product, you have surely known how to buy the Best Wireless Headphones Under $200 specifically for your needs and situations.

Make sure that once you decided to buy, go back and analyze the features again to have all the required information regarding the product’s durability and strength. So your purchase will be worthy and your valuable time and money won’t be wasted. After all the analysis and observation, head to the website and buy your wireless headphones soon. We surely know that you are going to enjoy your favorite fun time with wireless headphones. As we are sending our kind wishes to you for your great purchasing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of wireless headphones?

It can taint the sound quality compared to Bluetooth headphones. The distance between the transmitter and headphones may create some connectivity problems and it could affect the sound.

Which is better wireless or Bluetooth headphones?

Bluetooth ones are better than wireless headphones. You can connect with more devices through Bluetooth compared to wireless ones. They need a transmitter to connect with devices.

Should I buy wired or wireless headphones?

Wireless headphones are comfortable whereas wired headphones have better sound quality. You decide to choose better sound or comfort which comes with slightly lower sound quality.

Are wireless headphones any good?

They are pretty decent actually. Good sound quality with great battery life and many more. The wireless headphones provide all features with the latest updates.

Is it bad to wear Bluetooth headphones?

If you wear it for a long and long time. It may be quite dangerous for your mental health because of the radiation they produce while functioning.