8 Best Gaming Headphones Under $100 in 2022

14 min readJul 25, 2022


Are you a gaming jockey who is a busybody in the virtual world? Or are you hunting for the best headphones for upgrading your gaming equipment? Whatever your reason might be, if you are so much into the virtual gaming field, you must be accustomed to the need for quality headphones. Best gaming headphones under $100 are not only inexpensive audio devices but are equipped with high-end premium features that will aid the gamers in having a knack for their enemies’ strengths and weaknesses. Therefore you must go through our review article to find out more about these products.

In a rush? Don’t worry! Hold on for a while and have a look at our top pick. HyperX Cloud II is the best choice for this spot because it is coming with the closed-back form factor and is a wired headphone. It has a durable aluminum body and a detachable microphone for users’ comfort.

Before going deep down into the lane of profound review of the top 8 best gaming headphones under $100, have a look at our comparison table. Here you can have a cursory glimpse of the superficial features of these quality headphones.

8 Best Gaming Headphones Under $100 At a Glance:

  1. HyperX Cloud II
  2. Turtle Beach Recon 70
  3. ONIKUMA Gaming Headset
  4. Razer Kraken THX 7.1
  5. Corsair Void RGB Elite
  6. EPOS Sennheiser GSP 300
  7. Sennheiser Consumer
  8. ASUS TUF H3

Best Gaming Headphones Under $100 You can Buy Today

Best Gaming Headphones Under $100

HyperX Cloud II

Best Pick for our today’s selection


✓Well balanced sound quality

✓Comfortably fitting

✓Extended bass

✓Padded ear cushion


✗No customization

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Hyper X Cloud II is the best pick for our today’s selection and this best gaming headphones-under 100 is a very reliable and immensely popular headset that is all in demand by newbies and seasoned professionals alike. This headset is coming with a whole plethora of features that are aimed at increasing the player’s attention and team coordination and thus they can have better chances of winning at the battlegrounds in virtual reality gaming.


This headphone pair is offering a very exquisite outlook that is coming in red and black contrast giving glimpses of RGB lightening and have a retractable microphone attached at the base. The most prestigious thing about this headset is that it is coming in various sizes that provide them with comfort and ease of wearing.

Comfortable fitting is a lot more than just convenience for a gamer because he or she has to keep on wearing the headset for quite a long period of the day and therefore the headset must be comfortable, cushioned, and padded. These qualities will ensure that you can make use of it for a long period.

This headset is not only offering a comfortable fit but also has crystal clear audio clarity and extended bass. This will keep the users better tuned to the situation on the ground and thus focus on their gaming skills and expertise.

Other than that its padded ear cushions are equipped with auto cooling technology that will prevent sweating and will not be bulky or tiring for the ear. You can also retract the microphone for convenience if it is hindering your work.


This renowned gaming headset is very wise for hard-core gamers who are looking for a perfect fitting headset for their upcoming battles.

Best Gaming Headphones Under $100

Turtle Beach Recon 70

cheap gaming headset


✓Dolby Atmos compatibility

✓High crisp low thundering

✓Multiplatform support

✓Lightweight and comfortable


✗Doesn’t offer noise canceling

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If you are looking for an inexpensive or rather cheap gaming headset that is nothing short of necessary features and is well equipped for professional battles then you must give this gaming headphone a try. This turtle beach reckons model is not only budget-friendly but also efficient enough for standing on firm ground in the market based on its performance and user demand.


This headphone set is coming with multi-device connectivity which means these headphones can be paired with any gaming device be it a gaming console, a play station, or PS4. These headphones can also be connected with a monitor, desktop, or any smartphone device.

The headphone set is built for gaming users and, for this reason, it is compatible with Dolby atmos devices which provides it with a better standing in the marketplace. Users are all looking for crisp clear sound quality and that’s what this headphone is best at.

The sound quality of these headphones is pretty much comparable to a beyond 100 USD device but there would obviously, be differences in features and other innovative technologies found in the costlier product.

Besides that, this headphone pair is a very comfortable product that easily fits on the ear and is very lightweight to carry. This lightweight nature helps it withstand the long rigorous routines of players and doesn’t cause any complications with their health like neck stiffening.


This gaming headphone is the best budget pick and should necessarily be tried either for hard-core gaming or by the novices.

Best Gaming Headphones Under $100

ONIKUMA Gaming Headset

quality and demanding audio devices


✓High sound clarity

✓High bass

✓Multiple device compatibility

✓Fingertip control


✗Bulky construction

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ONIKUMA is a lesser-known brand that is primarily responsible for coming with the quality and demanding audio devices that will provide users with the best sound clarity and high bass. The same is the case with this headphone set which is nothing short of best and is also being offered at under 100 USD price which makes it very much within the reach of users budget.


Starting from its connectivity and device compatibility, we begin with its multimedia platform, this platform provides it support to connect with a great number of devices like gaming monitors, desktops, play stations, PS4, Nintendo, and all the other renowned gaming devices.

Compatibility is a great concern for gaming accessories because no pair is universal and cannot be connected with all the devices available in the market. Therefore users have to look for complimentary products that are built for each other, like these gaming headphones, which are built for their specific monitor model.

This is a heavy-duty headphone and it is understood by the first glimpse of this item. It is coming with durability, reliability, and is also trusted due to its standing in the market and retailers’ repute in the industry.

But this heavy-duty built could also go against its favor if you are looking for a lightweight and comfortable device. Apart from this, it is also offering the super clear sound that is undeniably the foremost feature of any device to be included in the selection of best gaming headphones.


This prestigious gaming audio device is a very effective one with fingerprint control, multi-device connectivity, high ass, and many other similar features for enhancing a user’s performance.

Best Gaming Headphones Under $100

Razer Kraken THX 7.1

Best Gaming Headphones Under $100


✓Immersed sound

✓Custom tune delivery

✓Overheating prevention


✓Retractable microphone


✗Conventional outlook

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Razer Kraken is an immensely popular manufacturing firm that is responsible for coming up with very reliable and highly demanding audio devices like subwoofers, speakers, mini players, or headphones. All of these audio devices are acting as external audio sources and are very necessary parts of these days computer operations be it cinematic or academic or any other field, the sound is necessary to be heard with clarity and accuracy.


This headphone set is offering its users an immersive sound quality that will make them spellbind to their gaming experience and drives them for paying again and again. Consistency and persistence are what drives a player ahead into being a sportsman and these headphones are a crucial element sometimes, for driving away from the negative energy and bringing about the desired, positive change.

These headphones provide surround sound capability which is responsible for enhanced team performance in virtual combats and team battles. Therefore, these headphones will be quite efficient in trancing the audio and reach out to help their allies and knock down their enemies.

The quality of sound is the most crucial factor in determining any headphones’ worth and this headset proves to stand the test of time as it could smoothly and easily keep on functioning under different stimuli.

Its noise-canceling technology is like the cherry on top of the cake and due to this facility users will e better absorbed in their training and game performance rather than the side distractions or ambient noise of the surroundings.


For all those users who are looking for a conventional yet efficient gaming headset that is comfortable and convenient use then this is the right choice for you.

Best Gaming Headphones Under $100

Corsair Void RGB Elite

Breathable microphone mesh


✓Wireless connectivity

✓Breathable microphone mesh

✓Omnidirectional microphone

✓Durable and dependable


✗No sound customization

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Corsair is a well-known and established brand in the digital consumer goods industry and is responsible for launching many prestigious products that have been the bestseller in different categories. This headset is no exception to their legacy and is coming up with excellent manufacturing skills that have made it a fine quality headphone set that is equipped with great features to boast off its performance.


The most notable feature to begin reviewing this product is its amazing wireless connection support and this is the first headphone set that is coming up with wireless connection instead of entangled wires. Most wired headphones are highly remarkable audio devices but there is no denying the fact that wires create a hassle and make the overall situation a complete mess.

To overcome that hurdle, it is best to go for wireless devices that can be paired using WIFI or Bluetooth technologies. Corsair is one such headphone manufacturer that has taken into account this need and provided users with the best solution.

This means you can wear this headphone and make a wireless connection with your gaming console or play station placed feet away from you. Another of its notable quality is its padded ear cushions which give the users comfort and ease of wearing increasing their duration of use.

Besides offering simple pads like all other cushioned headsets, this headphone is offering breathable mesh which makes them free from sweating and keep the users in a healthy and comfortable posture for all day long gaming journeys.


This highly professional headphone set coming with RGB lights and noise-canceling technology is a real delight for the gamers and will be a worthy addition to their equipment base.

Best Gaming Headphones Under $100

EPOS Sennheiser GSP 300

Plug n play device


✓Acoustic sound

✓Durable construction

✓RGB lighting

✓Plug n play device


✗The microphone could be disturbing

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EPOS is another of our lesser-known brands’ apprentice which is swirling hard among the well-established products and brands but is not giving up its pristine position which is hard-earned due to excellence and expertise with which the gaming journeys can be continued.


This Best Gaming Headphones Under $100 is offering an acoustic sound that is the result of its crisp clear surround sound technology which was specifically introduced as immersive quality sound for gaming enthusiasts. The immersive sound is nothing less than a lifeline for the e-gamer.

This is not just to say, because an e-gamer has to live the life of its avatar in the virtual game and have to listen to the surrounding sounds inside the virtual world, the rooting of enemies, and their tricks for determining upcoming moves.

And for all these reasons a quality headset is a prerequisite that will garner the users a chance to hear the virtual world. For enhancing the outlook of the product, manufacturers have tried to give it an exquisite and lightweight look which is highly admired and spoken highly off among the users.

The outlook is not just about its design but its RGB lighting has added an extra line of praise and given the top-notch gaming feel coming at such wallet-friendly price tags. Its microphone is also retractable which means you can remove it or push it aside when you no longer require to use it or are not in the mood to speak.


This headphone is for all those users who are so much intrigued by virtual reality gaming that they want to feel a part of it using the immersive sound produced by these headphones.

Best Gaming Headphones Under $100

Sennheiser Consumer

Crystal clear audio clarity


✓Noise-canceling technology

✓Efficient Sound processing

✓Crystal clear audio clarity

✓Flip to mute feature


✗The fitting might be an issue for some people

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This brand is producing audio devices like this headphone set that is highly in-demand by gaming enthusiasts and have kept the price tags in check for its budget ridden users. The reasonable price tag is not the only attractive thing about this model as you can have a lot more out of it when digging deep into its features and specifications of Best Gaming Headphones Under $100.


The most notable feature of this gaming headphone is its advanced noise reduction technology due to which these headphones are capable of reducing the white noise and thus gamers will be saved from the distractions of the ambient noise.

Ambient noise not only interferes with the players’ performance but also breaks the focus and puts the users in an awkward position which is not to face again and again.

Therefore it is better to cut it short and have noise-canceling technology that will let you hear all the voices inside your virtual world but with the enemies or allies playing along you wouldn’t be able to hear the voices surrounding you due to the white noise reduction technology of this headset.

Another good thing about the headphone is its sound clarity and accuracy which is the paramount reason for its purchase and users will be at the benefit of its multi-tasking which enables them to use this pair for either cinematic purposes or gaming.


This highly reliable gaming headphone is one of the best gaming headphones under 100 and the main factor responsible for this tag is its noise reduction technology and super clear sound, which will make a good duo for excellent gaming performance of Best Gaming Headphones Under $100.

Best Gaming Headphones Under $100


Immersive gaming sound


✓Immersive gaming sound

✓Comfortable fitting

✓Multi-device connectivity

✓Ear cushions

✓Durable construction


✗No noise canceling

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ASUS TUF is the most prestigious gaming brand that is enjoying the crown of the king on its trademark when it comes to dedicated gaming products and accessories. This immensely popular brand has many lineups of gaming-specific products like the gaming monitor, motherboards, keyboards, mice, headphones, and so on.


ASUS’s plethora of gaming products are specifically built for hard-core gaming enthusiasts who want to enjoy the completely new world with their eyes using virtual reality. Also, ASUS has just given wings to their dreams by providing them with access to different products that will aid in their journey to the wonderland of e-sports and video gaming.

These products are built for complementing the users’ skills and enhance them for better productivity and advancements to higher levels. One such product is the gaming headphone, which is most crucial for a team playing and coordination.

This is the most durable headphone in our selection of best gaming headphones under $100 and this is because it is coming with a dedicated aluminum body, which is providing it with strength and endurance.

This aluminum frame is highly durable and when merged with stainless steel interior components and highly specific electronics, this headphone yield a perfect set of an item qualifying to be called the best headphone set.


The ASUS headphone is ought not to be missed particularly when it is coming at such a budget price and is offering so many worthy features. This headphone is light on the pocket but heavy on the enemies on the battlefield who are trying their luck against the expertise of this skillfully built product.

Buyer Guide: What to Look for in Best Gaming Headphones under $100

There are several gaming headphones available in the market these days and this potentially complicates the task of finding t best one. Therefore, to help you determine the best one, we have compiled this review guide where you can find out the necessary features and specs that must be present in a gaming headphone.

Comfortable Fit

Comfortable fitting is the prerequisite for gaming headphones because this will ensure that you can wear them for a long time. The gaming routine is quite tiresome and is will demand you to keep wearing your headset for many hours. Also, for this specific reason, your headset must be perfectly fitting so you can avoid tiring yourself.

Noise Cancelling

Noise-canceling is a very prestigious technology particularly useful for gaming headsets. Due to this technology, users will be saved from the ambient noise and will be secured from the surrounding distractions and focus on their game. This focus and attention will lead them towards efficient and effective gaming performance.


This review has provided you with the top-rated headphones that are available at cost-effective price tags and their addition to your equipment will surely enhance your gaming expertise. This review article has also gone through the detailed aspect of the gaming headphones and therefore you can better determine the right item for you.

We have also reviewed the common features that are necessary to be part of the gaming headphones and compiled a comprehensive buyer’s guide. So, go through it to resolve your queries about what the best gaming headphones should have or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gaming headset under 100?

HyperX Cloud II is the best gaming headset coming under 100 and has plenty of features to offer its users. It is a closed-back headset and has a wired connection and is compatible with multiple devices like play station, gaming consoles, and PS4.

Are headphones better for gaming?

Headphones are quite necessary for better performance in gaming and this makes them a necessary part of professional gaming equipment. Gaming headsets are better at effective performance and team coordination in virtual battles.

Can normal headphones be used for gaming?

Normal headphones are good for using ordinary audio devices but when it comes to gaming performance these devices could not be at par with the gaming headsets. Therefore, gaming headphones are a better option for gaming devices.

Are gaming headphones worth it?

Gaming headphones are definitely worth the money as they will provide immersive sound which will enhance team performance and let them show their skills efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, these speakers will also reduce the noise and ambient sound that might hinder the performance.

Why do gamers use 2 headsets?

Gamers are usually found wearing two headsets and this is because one is for in-ear sound transmission while the other one hanging around their neck is just for noise reduction or reducing the white noise. Therefore they will be better alert and focused on the game.